Kings of War at conquest

The Kings of War event will be organised by some of the hosts of the "Giant Dwarf" podcast and the "Konger og Krig" norwegian podcast. We have lots of experience running tournaments, as we run them every month in Oslo, so we are confident we will be able to give you a good time during your time at Conquest. 

For any questions, you can reach us on twitter (@Fred_Oslo / @Thomarsar )
or email the event at 2d6ConQuest(at)





Subject to minor changes. (current version: May 2017)


All games at Conquest will follow the “2017 rules” and Amended Timeout from the CoK17 book.

All terrain will be the following heights: Forests 4, Blocking terrain 4, Hills 2, Fields 1, Water flat.


Thursday 11 january

See the sights!

You are welcome to play a game at the venue in the late evening after we have set everything up.


Friday 12 january

9-17 (9am to 5pm)

Cup games, several heats starting at different times, each heat determining a winner!

By having multiple starting times, we enable people who may arrive a bit later in the day (or who are hungover from the day before) to join whenever they are able. At the same time, the players who are already at the hotel and ready to rock can start having games already from the morning and keep going for as long as they like!
We will have different point values going: 1000/1500/2000 points


--no common dinner plans today--


17-24 (5pm to midnight)

Evening Fun

“Alliance” 3-man Team tournament

1500 points

Attacker and Defender scenarios, inspired by Destiny of Kings!


Saturday 13 january

9-19 (9am to 7pm)

Main Event, 2000 point standard

Games 1-4


19-20 (7pm to 8pm)

We all go out to dinner together!


20-01 (8pm to 1am)

Evening Fun

Join one or more of the following:
Kings and Treachery 3-5 players per table

Mega Battle, 3 vs 3 on the same table

Mini-tournaments, 4 players, Cup format 2 games

Mini-Team event, 12 players, Cup format 2 games


Sunday 14 january

11-15:30 (11am to 3:30pm)

Main Event, games 5 and 6


16 (4 pm)


17-22 (5pm to 10pm)

For those who are not ready to quit, or who have some time to kill before going to the train/airport, you can join us at our local gaming club, which is just a 5 minute walk from the hotel, and even closer to the central station. We can continue to play games (or just hang out).





see "roster" page for List of paid entrants (updated regularly)






Any questions: please contact the organisers at: 2d6ConQuest(at)