Choose your game

Warmachine & Hordes

For WMH:
After paying, you need to press "go back to vendor" / "gå tilbake til forhandler", so you can proceed to sign up for the individual tournaments. By default, you are signed up for the Norwegian Masters. If you want to select your other, preferred tournaments as well, do so on the 2d6 forums

kings of war

For KOW:
there is no need to register for individual tournaments. The signup for the multiple options are handled on the spot. Most of the time, everyone will automatically be on the same program. 



Make sure your payment is marked with the correct name.

Tickets are NOK 750.  Ticket price includes a hot lunch buffet every day and entry to all tournaments.

Full refund available until november. (so no reason to delay your payment!) 


Why do I have to choose one of the two?

If you wish to play a bit of both games during the event, that is of course allowed! 

We simply separate them during payment for practical purposes (list of players, amount of terrain, etc).
Pick what you think will be your "main game" for the weekend, or if that is hard for you to decide, simply pick any one of them. 


I have sorted my payment

- is there anything more I need to do before the event?

Yes; unless you have arranged to sleep at a friend's or relative's house, you will need to book a room at the event! 

Go to our Rooms page to make your booking!

Also, if you are playing Warmachine & Hordes, you need to sign up for individual tournaments. If you have paid, but have not yet signed up for the different tournaments, please contact the organisers !