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Warmachine & Hordes

sold out

64 places.
Tickets are NOK 760.
Includes: lunch all 3 days
Gaming access: thursday evening onwards

kings of war

32 places.
Tickets are NOK 660.
Includes: lunch 2 days (sat & sun) 
Gaming access: friday evening onwards


One-day ticket

Guildball (on trial)

One month before the event, we will open up for One-Day tickets for the people who can only attend one day, for various reasons.
But we want to give a lot of time to the people who want to attend the whole weekend to get their tickets first, and then fill up any remaining spots (if any) with One-Dayers. 
Tickets will be NOK 460.
Includes: lunch for 1 day
Gaming access: one day of choice

We are trying Guildball this year!
If enough people buy a ticket, we will keep it in the program.
60 days before the event, we need 12 people paid at least.
Otherwise the event will be cancelled and all money refunded to those who have already paid.
Tickets are NOK 660.
Includes: lunch 2 days (sat & sun) 
Gaming access: friday evening onwards



Refund Policy

Full refund: up until 60 days before the event you can get a complete refund, 100%. No hassle.

Partial refund: between 60 and 14 days before the event we need to keep NOK 260 but can refund the rest.

No refund during the last two weeks before the event.


I have sorted my payment

- is there anything more I need to do before the event?

Yes; unless you have arranged to sleep at a friend's or relative's house, you will need to book a room at the event! 

Go to our Rooms page to make your booking!

Also, if you are playing Warmachine & Hordes, you need to sign up for individual tournaments. If you have paid, you should recieve an email from the organisers with a google form. If you have not recieved this, please contact us.