Warmachine & Hordes @ ConQuest 2020

Welcome to the Warmachine and Hordes tournaments for Conquest 2020!

For each day we have multiple events which we hope will suit your needs. See the bottom of this page for a detailed schedule from 2019 (final schedule for this year to be released the first week of October).

All models must have correct arcs.

We strongly encourage everyone to play with fully painted armies.

This means that all models should be painted and based with flock/sand/etc.

We are also happy to announce that everyone who brings a fully painted army will recive an awsome price from Frozen Forge. #PlayItPainted!

Conversions are allowed as long as they obviously represent the original model, if you are in doubt send us an email with pictures of the converted model.


Masters (64 spots)

Steamroller (16 spots)


Team tournament (16 teams of 3 players)

Steamroller (format to be decided)(16 spots)


Invitationals (8 spots)

Inverted list pick Steamroller (8 spots pr)

50 point Steamroller (8 spots pr)

2019 Schedule:

Tidsskjema ConQuest.png

Check what tournaments you are signed up for here: https://conquest.2d6.no/roster